Construction workers, whether they work on a skyscraper, a new home or a road project, are all protected by special laws in the State of New York.

Property owners, General Contractors and their agents are required to make worker safety a priority. When someone is injured at work, it is often due to the owner or contractor violating the worker protection requirements of the NYS Labor Law and Industrial Rule regulations.

When these rules are broken and workers are injured, an experienced litigator can help you recover. Construction workers are exposed to substantial risks associated with falls from a height, dangerous site conditions and working with heavy equipment. Their injuries tend to be severe and life changing.

These workers need an experienced professional to secure recovery of their benefits and full compensation for their injuries. Fox Law Firm PLLC has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured workers.

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$2,558,000 Back injuries sustained by elevator mechanic who fell through a defective hatch
$1,000,000 Plumber who fell through a staircase