If you received a traffic ticket or misdemeanor traffic violation, you may have concerns about points on your license and what they mean. Put in simple terms, points on a license are an additional penalty that accompanies punishments like traffic fines. The higher the severity of the offense, the more points that are put on your license. If you accrue six or more points on your license, you will need to pay a “Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee,” in addition to the fine from your ticket. If you accrue 11 or more points on your license during an 18-month period, you will lose your license.

Offenses such as failing to signal or making an illegal turn are worth two points, while more severe offenses like using a cell phone while driving are worth five points. Speeding can be worth as little as three points for being ten miles per hour over the posted speed limit, or it may earn 11 points (and thus automatic revocation of your license) for driving 40 miles per hour or more over the limit.

If you want a complete list of traffic violations and the amount of points you may receive as a result, you can see them below:





Unreasonable/Imprudent Speed 3 points
1 – 10 mph over speed limit
3 points
11 – 20 mph over speed limit
4 points
21 – 30 mph over speed limit
6 points
31 – 40 mph over speed limit (possible suspension)
8 points
More than 40 mph over speed limit (possible suspension)
11 points
Reckless Driving (Misdemeanor Offense) 5 points
Improper Cell Phone Use 5 points
Use of a portable electronic Device 5 points
Uninsured Motorist (Mandatory Revocation)
Inadequate Brakes (Misdemeanor offense) 4 points
Failure to Dim Headlights 2 points
Improper Towing/More Than One Vehicle 2 points
Connection Longer Than 16 Feet 2 points
No Licensed Driver in Towed Vehicle 2 points
Inadequate Brakes- Motorcycle 4 points
Leaving the Scene of an Accident 3 points
Failure to Comply with a Lawful Order 2 points
Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device 2 points
Passed Green Arrow 3 points
Passed Red Light 3 points
Passed Red Arrow 3 points
Failure to Keep Right 3 points
Improper Lane Change 3 points
Overtaking a Bicycle 3 points
Left Pavement to Pass on Right 3 points
Unsafe Passing 3 points
Dr on the left side of the roadway 3 points
Drove Wrong Way on a One-Way Street 3 points
Unsafe Lane Change 3 points
Following Too Closely (Tailgating) 4 points
Failure to Yield Right of Way at Intersection 3 points
Failure to Yield Right of Way–Oncoming Traffic 3 points
Failure to Yield Right of Way–Pedestrians 3 points
Failure to Signal Lane Change 2 points
Failure to Stop at Stop Sign or Flashing Red Light 3 points
Failure to Stop for a School Bus 5 points