Defective products injure and kill thousands of people every year.  Products used every day can cause harm when they are defective in their design or manufacture.Sometimes manufacturers and retailers fail to realize they are putting a dangerous product on the market. Other times they overlook evidence of a problem to avoid an expensive recall. Either way, those responsible for putting dangerous products on the market can be held strictly liable for any injury caused by the defect.

Because these cases can be challenging, only an experienced litigator like Kevin M. Fox can uncover the truth and obtain justice for the injured. Defective products can include:

  • Motor vehicles that are not crashworthy
  • Defective seatbelts or airbags
  • Rollover tendency and roof crush defects
  • Hazardous industrial equipment and tools
  • Unsafe household appliances
  • Unsafe toys and athletic equipment

Fox Law Firm PLLC has successfully prosecuted many product liability cases recovering millions of dollars for their clients. They have worked closely with nationally recognized experts in the fields of engineering, human factors research and safety analysis.

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