$212,580,000 Verdict for brain injuries suffered by infant during child birth. Largest verdict ever in the State of New York
$36,000,000 Judgment for wrongful death of a law enforcement officer including $14 million dollars in punitive damages
$10,000,000 Individual run over by bus
$4,733,000 Leg injuries suffered by a good Samaritan struck while pushing a disabled car
$3,500,000 Injuries suffered by a motorcyclist when a truck crashed into his motorcycle
$2,558,000 Back injuries sustained by elevator mechanic who fell through a defective hatch
$2,500,000 Neck and back injuries sustained by a bicyclist struck by a car
$1,700,000 Failure to diagnose spinal injury leading to paralysis
$1,300,000 Facial injuries caused by a defective product
$1,100,000 Neck and back injuries sustained in a car wreck
$1,070,000 Leg injuries sustained by a pedestrian struck by a truck
$1,000,000 Plumber who fell through a staircase