Tractor Trailer crashes cause catastrophic injuries to the occupants of other vehicles on the highway. Because of their size, weight and speed, Tractor Trailer crashes often injure and kill multiple parties in multiple vehicles.

In order to successfully prosecute a case against a Tractor Trailer driver and the trucking company specialized knowledge and access to the best trucking experts is required.

Fox Law Firm PLLC has the experience, knowledge and resources to successfully protect your rights to full compensation. Because of the dangers posed by large trucks, Federal and State regulations require heightened skill, testing and oversight of all commercial truck drivers. Strict inspection and maintenance schedules must be followed for all equipment placed on the road. When truckers or their employers violate the rules and regulations that exist to protect other motorists, disaster can occur.

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$10,000,000 Individual run over by bus
$1,070,000 Leg injuries sustained by a pedestrian struck by a truck