Seven Typical Reasons for Premises Liability Cases

When building owners and businesses are negligent in caring for their properties, it creates dangerous conditions that can result in people being injured. Collectively, the area of law that deals with these sorts of injuries is known as “premises liability,” and it is by far one of the most common forms of personal injury suits brought in the United States. Here are just seven typical reasons why people sue over premises liability: Continue reading “Seven Typical Reasons for Premises Liability Cases”

Seven Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases

Every year, more than a million people suffer from slip and fall injuries. Also known as trip and fall injuries, they often occur when property owners and businesses fail to maintain their premises as they are supposed to. While this might seem like a minor issue, slip and fall injuries can result in severe harm, and possibly even death. Here are just seven of the most common types of injuries seen in slip and fall (or trip and fall) cases: Continue reading “Seven Common Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases”